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Summary of Financial Year

13th March 2018 to 31st March 2019




This AGM covers our first year as an Incorporated Charity Organisation (ICO) which began on the 13th March 2018. As our successful application to register with the Charity Commission was in the middle of March, it was agreed that our own financial year would change from October/September to April/March.

Dissolution accounts were drawn up for the six months that the Greenhouse Group was a charity registered for Tax with HMRC .

Summary of Dissolution Accounts 1st Oct 2017 to 12th March 2018

In this 6 month period we received two grants - £1000 from Greggs (spent in new financial year) and £300 from the Muffin Club; £100 in donations and £853 from plant sales/events . Total income £2253

Total payments were £473 which covered print/marketing; overheads; greenhouse equipment and materials.

Accumulated funds transferred from the unincorporated organisation to the new CIO were £8006.84.


New Charity  Alexandra Park Greenhouse Group – 1177523

NatWest Banking

With a change of charity status (a limited company registered with the Charity Commission) the bank required us to close our existing account and open a new one. Due to endless mistakes and delays by NatWest this was not completed until the end of July 2018.

Adrian Penfold replaced Eddie Keogh (resigned summer 2018) as a signatory on the account.


Receipts and Payments

Successful Grant Applications

During September 2017 and April 2018 APGG was fortuneate to have a volunteer fundraiser – Alexis Collins, who researched and submitted applications to Trusts and Foundations for grant funding for the installation of electricty.

This resulted in a total of £10,000 received in the new financial year - Chalk Cliff £2000; Isabel Blackman £2000; Stanley Smith £1000; Finnis Scott £5000.  (expenditure - UK Power networks £8862; Jen Co. £1080).

Ian Askew Trust £500 (restricted) towards Heritage Noticeboard; Hastings Lions £400 for restoration of 2 exterior doors. £900 is carried forward to 2019/2020.

Greggs grant (cf from Nov 2017) spent on bulbs, indoor cold frames and building of exterior cold frames.

During the year two further fundraisers – Chris Cragg (Garfield Western - unsuccessful)and Tim Chapple (Heritage Lottery – to be submitted Autumn 2019) offered their expertise in compiling capital funding applications.

Plant Sales/Events and Donations

Plant sales - our target in the budget was for £4,000  - we achieved £4,912. This increase reflected the consistent hard work of all the volunteers throughout the year, in planting and caring for seeds, bulbs and donated plants. There has been generous ammounts of donations of plants from Sainsbury's in particular, on a regular basis. The invisible contribution of volunteers time and expertise cannot be quantified in the accounts but is recognised and acknowledged in the successful increase in sales and the foot fall of visitors to the greenhouse.

Cash donations including from collecting tins totaled £267.

Expenditure from APGG funds (not grants)

Total £4236 which was £100 under budget. Notable expenditures included the costs of building the kiosk for housing the electricty boards (£920); purchasing 'heritage' bricks for the exterior cold frame (£450); paving stones/sand for GH flooring (£681) the balance spent - Security;GH materials; Print/Marketing; Overheads; Misc.

Current assets as @ 31.03.19     £9022.64

Less current liabilities                   £8928.34

Fund balances carried forward   £8928.34

to 2019/2020

(of which £958 are restricted grant funds)

 Contact us via our correspondence address:
 Alexandra Park Greenhouse Group, C/O Hastings Voluntary Action

 Jacksons Hall, Portland Place, Hastings TN34 1QN

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